Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What's done is done

Let's see. I've done so many of these since I was last here. But I don't know how to strike them out...

1. Done. It was close, but I got to 9 minutes.
6. We got a nice digital one that you can leave in the meat while you cook it.
14. I did this just recently. I'm not trying to get down to 135 or below (130 at the lowest).
18. This is an on going process.
22. Done! This wasn't hard, but it was somewhat expensive. Health seems to be that way.
27. This was a scary one. I had 12 cavities because it had been so long since my last visit. And it was expensive too.
28. I haven't been driving yet, but I did play 9 holes of golf.
35. We do this ona near weekly basis.
41/45. Yay! Turns out I like quilting. Who knew? I'm not very good, but I'm sure I'll get better.
62. We did this on a whim. It was good, but I don't like kimchi.

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